More about our business


Doug has over 30 years experience behind our business. We are privately owned and believe in the  highest quality instrument delivering oustanding value. 

We offer local tuning and technical support aiming to protect your valuable investment.

By attending conferences and maintaining currect industry standards, Doug is well positioned to help you explore the many options and guide you with your choice of piano.

Doug's love of pianos has sent him far afield to many world factories and he is delighted to offer a great range of pianos in Far North Queensland.


Selecting the Right Piano

Selecting the right piano can be a daunting task. Not all pianos are the same and can vary dramatically in performance. The decibels of sound and the partials of frequency, along with a pianos response to the weight of touch all are factors to consider when investing in a piano.

Why Choose Quality

Why spend years learning and labouring on an old piano that can not give you the encouragement to keep progessing in music. Learning on an old ineffeicent piano will discourage and retard learning, expression, mood and feeling etc.


For the best opportunity of musical development, our Bernstein and Beale quality pianos offer new technology that inspires learning and advancement.


" the piano must create a desire to return to play it, and the more your piano is played the more the brain will develop overall"

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